Upper respiratory tract infections are a frequent reason for patients to report to their GP. An incorrect diagnosis or a lack of the right treatment may lead to dangerous complications, such as pneumonia and bronchitis. The difficulty in choosing the right treatment is due to the fact that infections can be caused by both bacteria and viruses. Moreover, during an illness, usually more than one pathogen is responsible for the infection, which is usually due to weakened body defences.

​The Multisensor is a quick diagnostic test used to identify the cause of upper respiratory tract infections, which can identify more than one pathogen from just one sample. Correct identification of the cause of an infection facilitates effective and precise treatment, which, in turn, reduces the need for unnecessary antibiotics if the infection is viral.

How does our test work?

  1. Unpack the test and place the electrode in the device

  2. Use the swab and place it in a special buffer with the solution.

  3. Transfer the solution from the buffer to the electrode

  4. Wait 3 minutes

  5. Check the result on the screen of your mobile device or using the free app for laptops and desktops

  6. If the result indicates an infection, consult with your physician