Alex Klarman joined the SensDx team and he is going to support the company in its international expansion, in particular in the field of Farming 4.0 (precision farming). Dr. Klarman is famous all over the world for his management activity and is the leading expert in the field of critical chain management as well as appreciated authority in the Theory of Constraints (TOC).

Dr. Klarman is the leader of Goldratt Institute (Israel) and the CEO of its executive section, Question Mark Ltd.. He leads the activities aiming at establishing the Theory of Constraints (TOC) as a management standard all over the world, in particular in Israel and in Poland.

“Three key technologies may provide people with food – innovative irrigation and fertilization technologies, better, more productive and resistant plant species as well as better protection of plants against diseases and pests”, claims Dr. Alex Klarman, expert in the field of critical chain management method as well as authority in the Theory of Constraints (TOC). “SensDx has a great scientific potential and is bravely entering the dynamically developing sectors which have the future in front of them that is why I have decided to cooperate with them. They are blockbusters, successful people more and more renowned internationally”, adds Dr. Klarman.

In 2050, world’s population will reach 9 billion people. Better crop protection is among others necessary to feed them. Global population is growing fast and the quantity of farming land and water available is not. In the future, the supply of food may turn out to constitute a critical problem of humanity. Efficient cultivation of crops constituting food for humans and fodder for farm animals may protect against global crisis and enable harmonious development of the world. What is necessary these are the solutions which will make it possible to achieve these goals without negative side effects for the environment.

Already in the third quarter of this year, SensDx is going to introduce two initial sensors to the market: Flu SensDx detecting type and A and B flu virus as well as Strepto SensDx detecting Streptococcus bacteria. Multi SensDx is going to be introduced by the end of the year, enabling the examination not only of the flu type, but also of 6 other viruses and bacteria, together with the sensors of allergens in food.

“The work of the SensDx team was appreciated by scientific and business experts. At the end of last year we won international Innostars competition, where we presented our precise testing technology for diagnosing pathogens. It has also aroused the interest of Neuca MED, a subsidiary of NEUCA Group, sales leader on the pharmaceutical market to such a large extent that it acquired 24.9% of our shares. Now the most important task of SensDx development in the field of precise farming for the months to come consists in acquiring a global partner from the sector of crop protection products. We intend to create products matching the needs of farmers from all over the world and successfully implement their sales. Dr. Alex Klarman will help us in fulfilling this task, becoming an important pillar of the Advisory Board created by us”, claims Tomasz Gondek, SensDx CEO.

“The range of SensDx solutions will enable drastic reduction in terms of quantity of crop protection products, with increased efficiency at the same time, through very quick and precise identification of pathogens constituting a threat for the health of crops. New solutions are going to influence the efficiency and reduce the costs of crop protection”, predicts Dr. Alex Klarman.

Cooperation with Dr. Alex Klarman constituted first stage of the creation of SensDx Advisory Board – the assembly of leading experts who are ready to share with SensDx Team their competencies, contacts as well as consulting.