As the CEO of the Goldratt Institute (Israel), and its business arm – Question Mark Ltd., dr. Klarman is leading the effort to introduce TOC to, and establish it as the standard management approach in Israel, as well as worldwide.

His background is in science and industry; he got his Ph.D. in biochemistry and biophysics from the Tel-Aviv University, where he has worked as a scientist interested in the evolution of complex systems, and has extensive experience in industry and education, including teaching appointments at the Tel-Aviv University and the State Teachers’ College, in addition to long years of hands-on experience as a manager in industry, which makes him exceptionally fitting to this demanding undertaking.

As the commanding officer of Dr. Eli Goldratt during decades’ long service in an infantry brigade of the Israeli army, Dr. Klarman became familiar with the very early concepts of OPT and TOC more than three decades ago. Since 1985 he took a major part in the drive to develop, to disseminate and to apply TOC.

Dr. Klarman’s work included developing the educational materials and the simulators used in various areas of management education, as well as the implementation work with some of the leading world-class corporations including the likes of Ford, Philips, Intel, Teva, Israeli Aircraft Industry and Microsoft, as well as many, many others. The projects ranged from IT to manufacturing, logistics, construction and infrastructure in the fields of technology, bio-med and aerospace areas.

Today, Dr. Klarman is one of the few people in the world (and the single one active on the Israeli market) licensed with teaching and applying all the main managerial tools of TOC – the Thinking Processes (the Jonah Program) as well as its applications in various fields. His experience includes working with the Israeli Air Force since 1990 in the area of R&D, manufacturing and logistics, as well as work with numerous Israeli and international organizations since mid-nineties.

His current efforts, in cooperation with other experts, are centered on the application of managerial tools and methods in the area of holistic management, in order to have end-to-end implementations, leading from an idea, through R&D efforts up to marketing and sales of the new products and services, all of which can dramatically improve the performance of companies.

In the last decade Alex has led teams coordinating work on some of the greatest infrastructure projects, be it one of the European cities preparing for the EUFA EURO 2012 games, the establishment of a ground-breaking science center or construction of a museum based upon design of one of world’s leading architectural icons. All these projects are characterized by very tight schedules, while facing myriad unexpected problems and were under very detailed scrutiny by media and critical public opinion.

Being active in the hub of what’s being called “The start-up nation”, Alex has led teams working on quickly moving from the R&D to implementation in the field of projects in the area of electro-optics, mobile applications, etc…

Following discovery of huge natural gas fields in the Mediterranean, Israeli industry is massively switching to gas as its main energy source. Lately Dr. Klarman has led huge industrial projects in this field, which combines a complex multi-project organizational environment, novel technology and very tight schedules.

His involvement with the leading Israeli aerospace conglomerate led them to adapt the TOC tools and methods in their development, manufacturing, and through that dramatically augmenting their marketing and sales efforts.

Alex is also world-noted author (together with Richard Klapholz) of books dealing with the application of the TOC Thinking Processes in the various fields of organizational activity, like that of company building, sales force development or customer service management.

The Cash Machine (written together with Richard Klapholz) deals with the use of TOC in the field of sales management.

Based upon authors’ extensive hands-on experience, it shows how this challenging area, accepted as more art than science, can be dealt with in a systematic, logical way.

After the English original, it was translated into Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Lithuanian and Polish. The German, Russian and Hebrew version are soon to appear.

They are extensively used as a field-guide of sales force management.

  His latest published work (with the same coauthor) is the Release the Hostages, which enters on the customer support in a service-extensive environment.

Some of dr. Klarman’s scientific publications:

  • Klarman, A. et al (1972) Bichim. Biophys. Acta 257, 150.

  • Klarman, A. et al (1975) Biochemistry 14, 102.

  • Shaklai, N., Klarman, A. and Daniel E., (1975) Biochemistry 14, 105.

  • Klarman, A. and Daniel, E., J. Mol. Biol. 115, 482.

Alex is married to Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman, and a proud father of four sons. They live in Herzliya, Israel.