SensDx participated in the MEDICA 2017 Healthcare Brokerage Event. This is an exclusive event for companies – part in the pilot program SME Instruments of the European Innovation Council (EIC), pertaining to the European Commission. SensDx was selected and invited to this global meeting of small and medium companies in the medical sector. 

The aim is to assist enterprises, universities and research institutions in finding partners in Europe and beyond for product development, manufacturing and licensing agreements, distribution partnerships, joint ventures or other types of partnership.

– This is a huge prize for us – says Katarzyna Pala, Ph.D., Head of Business Development in SensDx. – The international meeting is closed. Last year, only 320 participants from around 30 countries participated in this event. But it has big potential to connected scientific and business contacts. I am convinced that the result will be in real contracts.

MEDICA is the world’s largest and most important event for the medical sector, organized in Düsseldorf. For more than 40 years it has been covering all sectors of hospital care and connected international experts and industry professionals, presenting a powerful spectrum of medical and clinical innovation. It is the largest medical trade fair in the world – it attracted more than 1700 exhibitors from 70 countries and more than 100,000 visitors each year. It is also an exhibition and convention, leading individuals from the fields of business and research.

In this year the interesting program, prepared by the organizer, included six forums and several special shows on varied medical-technological topics: Medica Connected Healthcare Forum, Medica App Competition, Medica Health It Forum, Medica Labmed Forum, Medica Econ Forum By Tk, Medica Tech Forum, Medica Wound Care Forum. It is an opportunity to establish contacts and exchange experiences with entrepreneurs, managers and medical researchers.

The MEDICA Forum took place from 13 to 16 November.