On 18th June 2018 SensDx Digital Diagnostics presented itself at the prestigious Roche Innovation Summit in Basel. Among 150 individually invited companies from MedTech industry, SensDx got into Top 4 winning the category of Future Diagnostics in this way.

Every year Roche Holding AG, a giant of the medical market, organises the Innovation Summit within the SME Instrument Programme, in cooperation with the European Innovation Council (EIC). SensDx being the winner of the main award in the international competition EIT Health InnoStars organised by EIT HEALTH – international consortium of knowledge and innovation communities (KIC) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), to which the company Roche also belongs, had the opportunity to present a diagnostic test SensDx to the experts in the industry. The product got to the strict final among only 4 companies and was regarded the best in the category of Future Diagnostics.

 This year’s event took place with the subject Transforming the Healthcare Experience Together and was closed.

– Only the selected companies participated in it and they were chosen by the best experts and managers of Roche and EIT HEALTH – says Katarzyna Pala, PhD engineer, Business Development Director of SensDx. – The fact that our company was indicated by them as one of the four best is an enormous distinction for us and the confirmation that we are going into the proper direction of our company development. Our strategy has been valued globally, here in Basel, in the seat of Roche – one of the biggest medical corporations in the world. It gives us new prospects in the access to the market and investors and extends the scale of our activity.  

 Being the best product, Future Diagnostics Sens Dx receives not only the recognitions in the Med Tech at the world level but also receives the access to significant scientific and business contacts. Now it will receive real chances of the international research and business cooperation supported by the authority of one of the biggest corporations in the world.

Roche is a world pioneer in the field of pharmaceutics and diagnostics, which using the advanced achievements of science focuses on the performance of its main objective which is the improvement of human life. The connection of knowledge and experience in the field of pharmaceutics and diagnostics in one company causes that Roche is the leader in the area of personalised medicine – the modern strategy of treatment which is to adapt the most appropriate treatment for each patient in the best possible way. Roche, being the biggest biotechnological company in the world, is a producer of numerous medicines used in such treatment fields as oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and diseases of central nervous system. The company is also a world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics, molecular diagnostics and the pioneer in the area of complex diabetological are. The Roche company, set up in 1896, with its main seat in Basel, in Switzerland, employed over 94,000 people in over 100 countries in 2016 and spent CHF 9.9 billion on investment in research and development. The company reached the sales value AT the level of CHF 50.6 billion.