On November 29, 2017 SensDx won the international competition EIT Health InnoStars and became the first prize winner of € 30,000. Now he has a chance in the next prestigious competition. The SensDx’ s technology have been selected to showcase the product at the Start-Up Academy, Medtec Europe 2018.

Medtec Europe Start-Up Academy is an annual competition that brings together only 10 the most exciting young companies from across Europe to showcase their latest innovations in Medical device technology and to meet established powers in the market. 

Thanks to winning in the prestigious Innostars competition, launched by by EIT HEALTH – a knowledge and innovation Community (KIC) that was established in 2008 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), SensDx started cooperation with experienced partners from the MedTech industry. EIT HEALTH is a consortium of international partners including such big institutions as Roche, Sanofi Aventis, Philips Electronics, Intel Corporation, Max Planck Society, Karolinska Institute, Imperial College in London, Universities in Uppsali, Gent, Cambridge and Oxford and many others.

Now, thanks to the nomination for the Start-Up Academy Medtec Europe 2018, there is a chance to broaden scientific and business contacts. Within Academy is also The Start-Up Forum not only provides a platform from which our selected Start-Ups can present their innovations to the market, but will also feature a series of insightful seminars on product development, commercialisation, market access and investment.

“The main award in Innostars competition was a confirmation of the right direction of development and strategy of the company,” said doctor of engineering, Katarzyna Pala, a Business Development Director “The presentation at the Start-Up Academy Medtec Europe 2018 will expand the scale of our activities.”

Medtec Europe is the event for global medical device manufacturers to source technology, networking and innovation. It is the preeminent medical technology platform showcasing the key trends and insights across the entire supply chain of the medical technology industry. It also serves as a prime location for business opportunities and start-up companies looking to present their innovations to investors.  Every year the event brings together over 6,800 Medical Technology professionals from 76 countries around the world.

“The InnoStar is already ours. This success is a huge reputation and real money” emphasised Dr Pala.Now the time has come for another confrontation of our idea with the opinion of international authorities. We raise the bar, presenting it on a global scale.”

During the final of Innostar in Naples, selected in two consecutive stages of this prestigious competition, innovative companies from Italy, Portugal, Greece, Hungary and Poland presented their technology, but SensDx was the best! In this year Medtec Europe will be held at 17 – 19 April 2018 at Stuttgart. It will be another opportunity for SensDx to be represented on the international forum of its technology.