Neuca Med, subsidiary of NEUCA Group, leading supplier of health products and services in Poland, acquired 24,9% of SensDx shares

The investment includes cooperation between Neuca Group and SensDx in terms of innovative telemedicine biosensors, which detect the sources of infection by indicating the virus or bacteria responsible for it, also in home conditions.

Acquisition of SensDx shares is an element of building Neuca group’s strategy, leading position in telemedicine sector in Poland and development of patient-oriented services.

Neuca Group is a leader of wholesale of medicine, which market share in Q3 2017 reached 28%. Medicine distributed by the company is delivered by over 700 leading manufacturers in the world. The Group includes NEUCA MED, responsible for patient-oriented services and products development. This segment includes Świat Zdrowia medical clinics, companies carrying out clinical research and a company responsible for development of telemedicine services.